Serving God by Serving Those in Need

Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR is currently being led by our church’s 5th pastor, Rev. Dr. Milton R. Graham Sr. Through his leadership, we were able to found several outreach ministries, such as:

  • Street Witnessing Ministry (S.W.A.T.)
  • Prison and Jail Ministry
  • Raven Food Pantry Ministry
  • P-3 Ministry (Post, Prison, and Population Ministry)
  • "Behold the Lamb of God" (Radio-Broadcast Ministry)
  • And More

Coming soon

Our Mission

Christ-Led, Bible-Fed | Christian Courtesy Contagious
Christ-led by living out a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Bible-fed, evidenced by building each other up to be committed to Christ.
Christian courtesy contagious by seeking, sharing, and serving people.


Union District Congress of Christian Education
Consolidated Congress of Christian Education
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Marines Toys for Tots

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